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Saturday, October 3, 2009

May Contain Spoilers... 2 of 4

Alright... Now on to greener pastures with shows that are still alive and kicking and need your support to return for even more hours of entertainment.

I am fairly certain that I am not alone in mourning the late Doctor George O'Malley but even so, I was excited to see Grey's Anatomy return for a sixth season. Season five was unbelievable and I doubt that they can keep up the heart-stopping dramatic pace they have been keeping but I am willing to watch it as long as they do. My biggest fear here is that they are going to over-extend and wind up sucking. Here is to keeping my fingers crossed that that doesn't happen.

Also returning this seasons are some of my favorites...

Supernatural, where Sam and Dean Winchester are trying to save the world from the apocalypse that they maybe kinda sort-of almost started.

Smallville, the retelling of the Superman mythos from way back in high school. Clark and Lex were best friends for years before becoming the most bitter of enemies. The Justice League is steadily forming around Clark and just last year they finally openly recognized the budding romance between he and Lois Lane. I haven't the faintest idea where season nine is going to take us but I for one am waiting with baited breath to see him finally don his costume and become the hero we all know and love. (Maybe this season they will find a way to have Bruce Wayne make an appearance. HINT!)

And let me not forget to mention Dollhouse! This show was last season's underachiever but thanks in no small part to the success of Joss Whedon's other shows it managed to get renewed for a second go at it. I cannot express just how much I urge you to watch this show on a regular basis. I don't care whether you watch it on your television, Hulu, Tivo or any other means. Just make sure you do watch it somewhere where it is counted. Please don't just download it. Downloading this show will hurt its ratings and we can't afford that is we are going to see it come back again. (Oh hell... Download it too, just set it to run on Hulu or something while you wait!)

Speaking of Joss (Hrmm... Seems I do that more than I realized...), David Boreanaz (Angel, you know, from Angel) is back for season number something on Bones and Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly... Duh...) is back for season 2 of Castle. Both shows are very worth checking out. I encourage you to go do so now!

Of course, also returning this year is Heroes. I have to admit, I have started getting a little but disenfranchised with this show over the last two or three seasons but this season has one big thing going for it in my eyes. Robert Knepper. Robert is one of those rare actors that is incredibly hard to recognise because he totally becomes his character. He stands out wonderfully in any role he plays but he is memorable as the role, not as himself. Does that make sense? Probably not... Bottom line: Any show with anyone from Carnivale is worth my time. Yours too! (If you are unfamiliar with Carnivale, fix the problem. I haven't the time, energy or heart to explain to you how devastating it was when it went off the air. You will love me for making you start it and then you can hate me when you see how it ends.)

The Big Bang Theory has exceeded my expectations as well. Geeks, Comics, Science, Hot Girls, Superheros... The list goes on and on as to why this show is as awsome as it is. I cannot possibly sum it up effectively for you other than to say one word. Sheldon. Watch the show, you will see what I mean.

And finally... Last years break out hit (in my opinion at least)... Fringe. At its core, this is a new, exciting twist on The X-files but as it plays out it is becoming much more with potential to go even farther. Walter is absolutely amazing and the entire rest of the cast matches him beat for beat. Even his son, Peter! (Joshua Jackson... The kid from Dawson's Creek. Not Dawson, the other one! Percy! Who would have thought the little S.O.B. would ever learn how to act?)

Seriously folks... If you haven't seen Fringe, do so. It is well worth the time of anyone who is interested in just about any genre of television there is.

Alright... That brings us to new shows...

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