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Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're All Gonna Get in a Fight!...

So, the main reason I came back here is because I sometimes have things to say that I think are worth sharing. Hopefully you think so too or you would probably not be here. I try to keep things entertaining and engaging but I haven't seen nearly enough folks commenting so we are going to try something different.

The other day I was listening to the radio and a song said something along the lines of "I'll die for you..." and I got to thinking a little bit. What if that doesn't mean everything we think it does? What if that was the absolute worst possible option? Personally, I am not sure I would like the idea of someone else dying for me.

And so I sent out some messages to various friends asking this question and now I shall pose it to you...

Would you contribute more value to someone willing to die for you, or to someone willing to kill for you?

And even more importantly, why?

Now, there are a few thoughts and thinking points I want to bring up here before I ask for everyone to share their thoughts.

First, does the nature of the individual weigh into the value? For instance, is it worth more for an obsessively moral person to be willing to kill for you as opposed to someone who might feel less remorse over the act? Is there more weight to a self-important egotist willing to lay down their lives for you as opposed to someone more self sacrificing? Is there a sliding scale where the answer varies depending on who the person is?

Secondly, I want to be clear that I am referring to someone who is actively putting themselves in harms way, not someone who is killing themselves on an alter to prove their love. We aren't talking about suicide pacts or anything.

Finally, do circumstances matter? Does it matter if someone is taking out a threat or just generally putting themselves or others at risk?

Now to the rules...

(I told you in my last post there would be rules. I am a man of my word.)

1. "Just because," is not an answer. If you are of the opinion that there is a correct answer to our quandary, share your justification. Explain why you believe as you do.

2. There is no correct or incorrect answer. I encourage you to debate various answers but nobody is allowed to attack someone else for their opinion or for their reasoning.

3. No repeating yourself. If you feel the same way as someone else, you are welcome to voice your agreement but if you have come to the final point in your argument, you are not allowed to repeat yourself in a louder, firmer voice in the hopes of persuasion through repetition.

4. Circumstances are allowed to change perception. If someone points out a different circumstance where you feel like your answer would change, that is fine. Please explain what it is about the circumstance that is influencing the swap and whether the swap is for that instance only or if you are recanting your previous opinion .

I think that more or less covers it. If something else comes up that requires additional rules or moderation, I will let you know. In the meantime, weigh in people! I am hardily curious how this one will turn out.

For those who may not recognize him, this is a picture of Marvin Gaye back in 1973. For those of you who may not understand the reference or why in the world I would choose to include his picture here, "Let's get it on!"

One additional note: I want to see as many thoughts and opinions as possible so invite your friends to join in! It may be only a theoretical question but I somehow think it may have more meaning than, "How do you like your eggs?" It may only be a start but I think most of us could benefit from getting to know a little more about our friends and neighbors.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

And So Things Take a Turn...

Alright, I had decided a while ago to abandon this blog in favor of starting up a new one.

Away I went to begin a new series of long winded commentaries, this time focusing on positivity and growth!


As it turns out, for all that my attitude has improved to where I try to maintain a positive outlook, my demeanor is still dour and, frankly, I have more fun speaking in this voice. If I am not having fun with the writing, how can I expect you to have fun with the reading?

And so I return to the wild tundras of my youth and, more importantly, I return to "Sometimes I Think..."

 This picture has nothing to do with anything other than my wanting to have some sort of icon to flash about when I announced having a new post up.

I think the goal this time around is to be thought provoking, engaging and, above all, entertaining. I
still want this to be a forum of sorts so please, share your thoughts and comments. Pretty much anything goes and on the posts where I decide there are rules, I will let you know what they are. (You will see what I mean when I post the next one. Hopefully it will garner some manner of reaction.)

Just a reminder for any returning readers, and a warning for any late comers: My blog, my opinions. I don't represent any other individuals or organizations. I am here as a means of performance so if you don't care for something I have to say, feel free to get the fuck out. Or better yet, say so. Use reason to persuade me. Call me a douchebag and go off and pout in a corner somewhere. I don't give a shit. Just do something!

When it comes right down to it, I do have thoughts and opinions and if I have chosen to share them here, it is because I think they have merit and are worth sharing. If you disagree with me, by all means, attempt to sway me to your point of view. I am not a fickle man but if I am wrong or misinformed, you have a duty to bring it to my attention and the attention of everyone else who may be here nodding their heads in agreement with me. For fuck's sake, do something, say something... Just get off your ass and have a bloody damned thought.

Initially, I had intended this post to be a simple announcement of my intention to return to posting on this blog. As it turns out I actually have a few things to say so if you are still here, keep reading.

I am tired of this bullshit, passive aggressive nonsense. Facebook, (which I secretly loathe and use primarily as a means to announce when I am making a post here in an effort to gather an audience,) is full of people posting about their favorite political candidate and why the opposing personality is the wrong choice. (And I don't give a fuck if that last sentence was a run-on or that this one began with a conjunction. (School House Rocks FTW!)) More to the point, it is full of idiots following along without checking for themselves and without doing the research to make an informed decision of their own. people just swallowing whatever they are told and parroting it back. It is as if whoever has the loudest voice is the one who will be believed!

Actually, maybe there is something to that after all...

What I mean is, remember when I said before that anything goes? I lied. keep your political views to yourself and off my comments unless they are expressly invited. That shit makes me angry and I have put a lot of work into not being angry all the time.

I don't give a shit if you are a democrat or a republican. I don' think there has been a good choice in my lifetime and I despair of there ever being one. Of course I think one evil is the lesser of the choices available to me but that is my lookout and if I have to leave the country because shit has gone just too damned far, that is my concern as well. There will be NO politics on this blog. Unless I change my mind and then, may whatever gods you pray to have mercy on your soul. There will, however, be plenty of discussion on philosophy and possibly even spiritualism or religion.

If I misspell something, let me know so I can correct it. If my grammar is off, blow it out your ass. I will speak here the way I damned well want to speak to make my voice show as I intend for it to. Deal with it.


I don't want to say anymore here right now so I am not going to. I will be back soon with an attempt to breath some thought into some of you. Watch for it!

(Traditionally I have ended these posts with some kind of a quote. I haven't decided yet whether to resume that practice so for now, we can consider this a place holder.)