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Friday, September 25, 2009

Embracing Me...

I have spent the last ten or twelve years in retail. The majority of that time has been in management positions and of bookstores and coffee houses. (Yes, coffee is retail, not food service and anyone who says otherwise has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.)

The application of these two statements basically breaks down to the following...

No visible tattoos. Collared shirts. Khaki or black pants. Close toed shoes... No visible sign of personality lest ye inadvertently give offense.

Fuck. That. Noise.

It is about time for me to get the hell out of retail in any case and, frankly, I am sick and tired of having a black, white and tan striped closet.

Inevitably, this leads me to an outstanding need for a new wardrobe and, hopefully, some new ink not too far down the road.

Of course... I have absolutely no sense of style so the shopping trip I just went on is probably not going to improve my image any... But at least I am willing to embrace my personality.

Personality has the power to open many doors, but character must keep them open.

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