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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Wednesday Already...

So here I am...

It's Wednesday and according to my new blogging schedule, I need to post something here.

So here it is... My admission of stupidity...

I am 30 years old and I still rely on a spell checker to spell words like Wednesday.

I know, it's sad because it's true. But it's funny because it's sad.

Left to my own devices, I invariably spell it as either wendsday which I know is wrong or wedsday which just looks retarded.

It could be because I didn't learn to read until much later than I was supposed to which leaves me without all those helpful vocabulary (Which, coincidentally, I also have trouble spelling. Every time I try I find a different wrong place to use the "L".) lessons you all had in grade school. Or maybe it's just because I ain't too terribly bright.

Either way it is annoying as sin and therefore, I would like to petition to simplify the spelling of Wednesday and any other word that I cannot reliably spell. If you have a word that you would like to see included on this list, I encourage you to add it below in the comments section along with your preferred spelling so we can get on top of this shit!

Gupta Rajan: Do you have an appointment?
Victor Navorski: Yes! 9:30! Tuesday! [smiles proudly]
Gupta Rajan: [with ill disguised contempt] Tuesday! I hate Tuesday!
-The Terminal, 2004-


  1. How about Wodensday? Just go Old School on it.

    Wait until you hit your forties and not only forget how to spell but completely forget entire words! You know, like that one...you know..it means....stuff like...fuckit.

  2. Am having Winnie the Pooh flashbacks now. "Windsday. . . ?"

  3. Dude, I forget words on a daily basis... I have the worst time ever remembering the correct names for appliances. "I just put a load of dishes in the thing that isn't a microwave," is a common type of statement in my household.