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Monday, January 25, 2010


So, I am sure I have mentioned this before but just in case, I will say it again. I am a gamer.

I have played tabletop RPGs since i was around 8 and have played computer games for as long as I have owned a computer. For the past 5 years or so, I have primarily played World of Warcraft.

Through WoW, I have met some great people and formed some lasting friendships. In fact, for those who dont already know, my roommate and I met in the game and have lived wonderfully together for the past 3 years or so.

Not that gaming is all we do. We have jobs and hobbies and friends and all that. In fact, we recently decided to take a sabbatical from the world of Azeroth and have only recently returned there.

Now to the meat of my topic for the day...

We recently decided to recreate the toons we met on and return them to their home server. To do so, we rolled the toons as Death Knights and worked their storylines to encompass the change as well as their absence from the server.

Oh boy, what a trip it is!

This is the first time these characters have ventured, in game, onto the continent of Northrend. Thankfully, with the WotLK expansion things have improved quite a bit. Blizzard went back to its lore and brought it into game to grow and be lived by our characters. We have been following in the footsteps of Arthas and watching as this true hero falls from grace.

It's pretty damned cool.

Now, granted, my roommate is a lore junky and knows more about whats going on than, is suspect, some of the games developers. It is both amazing and entertaining to watch her get so excited when, only moments after telling me some bit of lore, we get to see it unfold in game. The squeals of glee are enough to keep me interested in what comes next for quite some time.


I supopse that the whole point of this entry is to continue what I started Friday and let you all know that quality entertainment is right around the corner. Come play WoW with us... Fifteen dollars a month gets you one movie and half a bucket of popcorn -OR- you get unlimited play time in a rich imaginary world where you get to run around with me and my avatar!

Come and play!

As the terrible war against the Lich King continues, the proud defenders of Azeroth fight to secure a lasting peace...
But there can be, no peace!
-World of Warcraft Cataclysm Trailer-

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