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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank You Mister Postman!...

Postman, the author of the Sententious Vaunter, has seen fit to pass on to me the "From Me to You" award.

The way this one works is that you, as the recipient, are to share seven truths about yourself and then pass it on to seven more bloggers so that they may wash, rinse, repeat.

Kinda fun.

I thought that I would try to dream up some self truths to send out that I think many of you may not know about me. let's see how this goes...

1. I have four cats. Granted, the first three came with a free roommate as a sort of package deal but, well, there you have it. Four cats and a roommate, all female. Yeah... Sometimes that is scary.

2. I am an intensely spiritual person. Most of the time. Well... Quite often anyway... Alright, it has been a few years but I am working on it damnit! Let's call this one a truth in progress.

3. Terry Pratchett is one of my all time favorite authors. I sincerely doubt that is a surprise to many of you. The truth I am getting at here is that I have always had trouble deciding whether I prefer the Witches books or the Vimes books. They both appeal to so many (and such different!) parts of my mind.

4. I look good in orange. I have no idea why this should be so and, frankly, I refuse to actually wear it regardless. Nonetheless I am told that it is really quite fetching on me. Go figure.

5. As a child, I was apparently incredibly social and happy-go-lucky. Just goes to show that the person you knew as a child is not necessarily the person you will meet as a man. Just sayin'.

6. I follow two comics online... Questionable Content and Looking for Group. I have tried getting into others and I just can't do it. If anyone can work out what the two have in common, please let me know. If you know of another that has the same element involved, shoot that one my way as well.

7. I have two brothers and a sister. The brothers are roughly two and five years younger than I am. The sister is seventeen years younger than me. Let me tell you something. When, at 17, your mother tells you that she is pregnant there is only one possible reaction that you can have.... "You are WHAT!??? What the... Wait! You have SEX!!!???? ::vomit::"

And there you have it. Seven truths from me to you.

Now to pass it along...

Let's see... Seven worthy bloggers share this joy with.

1. Nik - I have to admit, I am somewhat curious as to what she will come out with for this so onto the list she goes. If you haven't yet, you can find her at Nik Cubed.

2. Tracy Lucas at The Wandering Brain. I haven't seen much from her lately and what I have seen has been far too serious. She needs to loosen up so hopefully she will have some fun with this one.

3. Pirates dig Chicks who Blog author, Jenn because I think she will have fun with it and I am all about the fun.

4. Melanie deserves the hell out of this so I am going to hand it off to her at The Dying Art of Keeping House.

5. Since I don't think I have seen her get this one yet (or at least I haven't noticed her doing her post for it), Joan Crawford from Things I Yell at You needs to be heard more. I miss her yells when she goes away for a while.

6. Because he is someone else I hope to hear more from, Nathan, my friend from Along the Pathway should write one of these. He invariably has good things to say so hopefully he will find time to do this post.

7. Finally, because I do indeed have a masochistic side (and trust me, I will be getting punched for this), I am going to use this to poke Manda. Her blog at About the Journey has been slow in taking off and is meant to be somewhat professional but, maybe, she can spin this into telling some professional truths. We will see.

Once again I want to say thank you to Postman and bid those mentioned to have fun with their own versions of this.

Woot! Finished! Next time I only get to tell one truth. Heheheh (insert shifty grin here) Now to close with a quote!... Hrmm...

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.
-Oscar Wilde on the pure and simple truth-


  1. Message received and greatly appreciated, my friend! I'll see what I can do.

  2. You should know, I'm going to get you for this.



  3. Wooof. I'll need to think on this. 7 truths. Christ....what really sucks is that you took three I would've chosen. Damn you.

  4. Thanks for the award, Frank. I shall take a few days to think on this, and then create a truth-ish post that's all full of truth and what-not:)

    LOL @ 7! And your #4 is also amusing. I myself, don't even know if I look good in orange or not, having not really ever worn it. However, I'm betting that even if I did look alright, I still wouldn't:P

    Great post!

  5. @Rebecca - Thank you ever so much!

    @Melanie - Looking forward to it :p

    @Tracy - Heheheh... HAHAHAHHAHAHA

    @Nik - Sorry to steal your truths. I still think you will have fun with this though!

    @Jenn - I know! Right?

  6. Oy...I'm behind once again...here's my entry: