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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey, check it out!

Guess what I did today/tonight.? (What is the proper punctuation when you are telling someone to ask a question in response?)


I went out with my roommate and was actually social!

I left the house for reasons other than work (which is something I have been avoiding lately due to being just plain freakin' tired) and went to a friends house where there was visiting and eating and making of clay pots and sharing of knowledge and, in the case of my roommate, cutting of plants.

I must remember to tell Nate that he can make a clay casserole dish. Also, I think that I may be significantly more excited about it than I have any right or reason to be.

To be honest, it was moderately exciting. (Alright, it is also a little bit sad that something so simple is a source of excitement in my life these days, but so what?)

What is more, is that the night didn't end there! When we got home we actually sat outside on our porch and visited with one of our neighbors for a couple of hours!

How cool is that?

We are trying (with a modicum of success I might add) to forge a community here in our little world and being outside visiting seems like a damned good time and a very definite step in the right direction.

Since I simply can't get through a day without my computer, (Trust me, I know exactly how sick and sad that is. Cope.) I also spent a few minutes on the intarwubs surfing the blog-o-sphere and made a new friend here too!

Since she is the only one with a viable web presence, I would like to go ahead and introduce you all to Sonshine (whom I shall be referring to as Sonny, henceforth) from Sonshine Thoughts. She seems pretty cool so far and I want to go ahead and publicly congratulate her for reaching her one-hundredth blog posting! To commemorate the occasion she is having a contest of sorts wherein she will be giving away a handcrafted owl to the lucky winner.

Phew! That was a lot to spit out after a busy day!

I think I shall go now into the Land of Lullaby for a few hours. Have a great night/day/evening or whatever other part if the day in which you fond yourself reading my ramblings!

Words not only affect us temporarily; they change us. They socialize or unsocialize us.
-David Riesman-


  1. I want a friend that makes clay pots, too. Do you know what you could cook in those things?


  2. Impromptu social events with neigbours on the front porch, or at back yard fire pits, are one of my most favourite unexpected things to do.
    Because you're being social, and having un, and yet you are at home.
    Glad you had a fun night:)

  3. I am sad to report that the clay pot mentioned in the above post cracked in the drying process. And so, we begin again.

  4. @Nik - Thanx... I suspect that it is more sad than not that such joy is as rare in my life as it is.

    @Melanie - Sadly, yes. I do have a pretty good idea what can be made in one. In fact, I have been daydreaming about it all day.

    @Jenn - Fun and socialization without ever leaving the house is a dream come true. I hate having to leave the house. There is a big bad world out there full of stupid people who are only going to piss me off.

    @Nathan - Oh noes!!! This is horrible! However, since you have to start again anyway, you may as well make the casserole dish. And when you do, I intend to borrow it for home cookin'!

    Don't worry, you will be invited to partake.

  5. I believe that the appropriate punctuation for that opening sentence would be an exclamation point :) At least, that is what I would do, but there is no guarantee that it is therefore correct.

  6. @Sonny - Also a very real possibility. Thanx for weighing in!

  7. That sounds like an awesome night! I am happy for you :)

  8. Thanx Joan. Glad to see you around the blogosphere.