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Friday, March 12, 2010


Being positive is not necessarily something that comes easily to me.

I find that it takes a good deal of work for me to maintain a positive outlook on life. Quite often, it seems, this fact makes it appear that I am a pessimistic individual who finds no joy in life.

I want to make it absolutely clear just how far that is from the truth.

Certainly, it is true that I don't go around singing about sunshine and roses. Likewise, it has to be said that my outlook does not lend itself to expecting the best out of situations. Life and the Universe have made it abundantly clear that such expectations and attitudes are unwelcome and will be punished severely.


I take a great deal of joy out of the world. I laugh often and whether you see it or not, the happiness that I feel is real and present.

I hope for the best. Despite the repeated attempts of the Universe to smack me back down into the pits of despair, (Don't even think about trying to escape.) I go through life day by day hoping for good things to come. Rather than spend my time dwelling on the worst possible outcome to a situation, I choose to be prepared for either eventuality but to maintain a cautious optimism that the best case scenario may turn out to be true this time.

Disappointment is no bar to progress. Each time I fail to be surprised by wonderful outcomes it reaffirms for me that, one day, the tables will turn and I will come out on top.

I strive to improve my life and my situation and hold on to an unwavering resolve that one day I shall persevere.

Coincidentally, I also work at building up the attitudes and perceptions of those around me. (Albeit with varying degrees of success.) I offer support to those in my life who need it while tempering it with occasional and poignant doses of reality. (Just to keep them in check. As I said before, cautious optimism is the way to go here. Blind optimism only leads to deep and disturbing mental cracks.)


I guess I just wanted to say that those people who don't know this about me would do well to learn and those who do, well, I suspect that you are in the minority and would appreciate your help in straightening out the rest of the thick buggers around who are still in the dark.

What? I can end with two quotes if I choose to. I think both of these deserve some thought from each of us from time to time.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
-Edith Wharton-


  1. Were we separated at birth?

  2. Blind optimism only leads to deep and disturbing mental cracks.

    Ain't that the truth:P

  3. @Nik - I doubt it. I have a strong supposition that a good portion of my demeanor was beaten into me by nurture as opposed to nature but who knows. I did live in Tennessee for a short while when I was just a wee little bugger.

    @Melanie - ... Uh... Yeah... Of the four ways I can take that I am choosing to go with the complimentary one. :p

    @Jenn - Truly! Not to take anything away from those who it works for but blindly optimistic fools and religious fanatics scare the hell out of me. It makes me wonder why the Universe chooses to smack the ever loving shit out of me while these buggers seem to get away scoot free!

  4. A realistic, readable, and refreshingly non-flaky essay, sir. Well done. I enjoyed reading it. Glad to hear you're keeping up the fight in the face of the cruel ol' Universe.

  5. Well said, again, Frank! I really do agree with your POV on this topic. And as you so nicely stated—this doesn't mean that I am not happy, or that I don't find joy in everyday life. It only means that I take the responsibility of making things happen for myself—things with good or bad outcomes. I cannot fathom blindly going through life just waiting for something—good or bad—to happen to me, and then passing it off as "The Will of the Universe," or "Fate."

    Like yourself, I strive to improve my life and my situation and hold on to an unwavering resolve that one day I shall persevere.

    Until then, I will certainly do what I can to make this reality. I'm not leaving it up to the Universe! No way. Because you're right once again—it has a tendency to really smack people from time to time. :)