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Monday, February 8, 2010

By way of further introduction...

This past weekend, I turned 31 years old. Not exactly a milestone but still, I'm amazed I have made it this far. I thought that it might not hurt to ramble on a bit and let all you lovely folks know a bit more about me.

Over the course of the weekend that I realized that I am more anti-social than ever.

My birthday was spent working all morning and then coming home and playing video games and doing some writing. I thought it was a great way to spend a day.

These guys need to hurry up and call me so I can go to work for them. Just sayin'.

I don't particularly like people. (Which makes it bloody hysterical whenever there are customer comments about what great service and connections people receive from me.) As a rule, I would prefer to interact with folks through the computer so that I don't have to worry about whether my facial expressions and inflection match what I am trying to say.

I laugh my ass off about death and, as a rule, find it funny when people fall down or hit their heads. I'm not saying that I can't sympathize about all of that. I do. Only that I prefer my own warped take on things as opposed to forcing myself to conform to what other people think I should think.

I am a dork, geek, nerd and anything else that seems to fit into that category of people. I used to run my very own ghost-hunting group and anyone who thinks that is weird or sick is, clearly, never going to get me.

We were so very much cooler than these guys.

I find things funny. I mean most things. No matter what the situation is, I almost always see humor in it. That seems to make people uncomfortable around me. Remember folks... It isn't that I am laughing inappropriately. It is just that you haven't been exposed to the punchline yet.

My roommate and I share a wonderful and, somewhat, unique relationship. She likes to remind me that I smell funny, dress weird and that nobody likes me. (Owing, in large part, to the facts that I smell funny and dress weird.) I love her dearly and verse-visa and think our relationship is generally more respectful and accepting than most others I have had. And no, for those who are wondering, we do not share any kind of romantic or sexual relationship between ourselves. (So all of you smart, sexy, single girls out there ought to call me! :D )

I prefer the company of a good book (or oftentimes even a bad book) to the company of strangers. I would always prefer the company of my friends but most of them live far away from me. More's the pity.

My friends are the dearest people in the world to me and when Armageddon hits, I expect them all to hide behind me and let me take the brunt of the blast. I love each and every one of them more than life itself and if they don't know that, they should.

Also, just because I don't talk to you every day, don't think you don't still qualify as my friends.

I am a lazy bastard. I work my ass off and get a lot of shit done, primarily, so that I don't have to do it again later.


There you go... Just a little bit off the surface of me for you all to chew on and think over. Hope you all had a great weekend and I will talk at you more as the week progresses.


Personality has the power to open many doors, but character must keep them open.
-Elmer G Letterman-


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Hey, often, being alone is the best company one can get :)

    This is also why I talk to myself - very few people enthrall me the way I do ;)

  2. Happy Birthday.

    It's not that I don't like to be around people. I just prefer to be in the company of people who live up to my impossibly high standards.

    I should like you to know, after reading this entertainingly honest post, that I

    (A) believe everyone secretly finds it funny when people fall down and hit their heads, but don't say so due to that damnable thing known as "decorum";

    (B) I do not judge you for running a ghost-hunting group (I do believe you were a lot cooler than those guys); I merely question why you haven't joined the big leagues and gone searching for Sasquatch or Nessie yet.

    (C) sympathize wholeheartedly with your description of friends, and am rather touched that you are man enough to delineate it verbally in such a manner.

  3. I share with you this problem of finding almost everything funny. I get into fits of giggles at the most highly inappropriate times. The one voice in my head knows that this laughter, it is inappropriate, but the other voice in my head says the more I laugh when I am not supposed to, the funnier the situation becomes. (JK about the voices in my head…maybe.)

    "I am a lazy bastard. I work my ass off and get a lot of shit done, primarily, so that I don't have to do it again later." You and I have this in common. It is an admirable trait. As in, being a lazy bastard is the most awesome when you have all your shit done—it's guilt free lazy bastarding:) And I am a fan.

  4. @Joan - I am totally with you on this. In fact, this is why I had to stop working overnights. Once I started answering myself in full view of others I decided that it was important to be around other folks no matter how much I disdain their presence.

    @Postman - I should be clear here. I do not hate everybody. I simply haven't got the patience to be around stupidity for any length of time. While I do not believe that violence solves everything, I do believe that a solid smack in the head would go far toward getting some of the idiots around me to smarten up. Clearly something is loose in there and needs to be whacked into place.

    Also - I have looked into Bigfoot and Nessie. I have also done some research into things like Atlantis, Lemuria, The Chinese Wildman, UFOs, Easter Island and Stonehenge. Thankfully, I have managed to hold onto enough of a grip on reality that I have not become a full fledged conspiracy theorist. (I can't talk about it here! They're watching us!)

    @Jenn - It's funny because it's true. Also, if there is another person laughing inappropriately the hilarity grows exponentially. It is horrible and cruel to have two or three of us together when someone gets hurt. I remember this one time, my father fell through a stair. (It's ok, it was just his leg.) My cousin Tammy and I stood there cracking up for about ten minutes as we started at his leg dangling down above the lower staircase. Ahh, good times.

  5. Whoa. Fellow ghost hunter. Let me chew a little bit on the rest....nom nom.