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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alright, I'm back... Again...

So, as it turns out, I haven't so much hit a block in writing as I have hit a block in what I am willing to share. I have some thoughts and opinions, it seems, that I have to think a good bit more about before I will be willing to share them.

What I am saying is: I haven't forgotten about you all. I just have a good deal more rewriting and editing to do before I will be able to share what I have written over the past week and change.

That being said, I want to take an opportunity to share something positive with everyone.

I learned a couple weeks ago that a couple of friends of mine have decided to buy a house. Yay them! I hope they realize that this means I will be crashing at their place whenever I am in trouble at home.

Then, just the other day I got a text from the afore mentioned friends letting me know that they had received word that construction on the place they are buying has commenced! Once again I say yay them! Oh yeah, he also mentioned that a building down the road had been blown up by a plane but since it was the IRS, who cares?

Back to the topic at hand...

Because I am a good friend, I will likely make myself available to help them move. Because I can carry a couch by myself, they will most likely take me up on it.

These truths are good and correct... Provided they butter me up on the big day with beer and pizza. (One of the very few instances when I truly enjoy beer is with pizza on moving day.)

Beer! They come in pints!?!

Plus pizza... mmmm...

Equals a damned fun time on moving day. Now, I didn't load this car... But give me enough beer and I am sure I can duplicate the feat!

May-haps one fine day, I will once again own a home of my very own. When that day comes, I want it known that those closest to me will always have a place to crash should they have need. Home grown food will abound and great home cookin' will fill the air with it's sweet perfume.

Hopefully, by then, I will have found the woman who can keep me in the fashion to which I have not yet become accustomed.

Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fin invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.
-Dave Barry-


  1. "Give me enough beer and I am sure I can duplicate the feat!"

    I like the way you think, sir.

    I've run into a few share-blocks, myself. I understand. Good to have you back, though.

  2. Hopefully, by then, I will have found the woman who can keep me in the fashion to which I have not yet become accustomed.

    Ha! Keep the dream alive! This was a great post :D

  3. I have always found helping friends moving a generally positive experience—granted I have never been asked to carry a couch on my own, nor could I. But it's always so cool to be there on the day when change and excitement are in the air. :)

  4. The woman who could keep you in the fashion you're speaking of would scare the hell out of you.

    Oh, you'd like it, I'm sure.

    But scare. The hell.

  5. @Postman - Glad to know I'm not alone in this. I like to think I am a fairly open individual and, with my friends, there is very little I am unwilling to share. In a forum open to any and everyone out there, I find there to be thoughts that I don't want to have out there. I suspect I will feel less bothered by this when I find a better way to communicate some of them. Time will tell.

    @Joan - I have been keeping this dream alive since I was seven. I will continue to hold on until I am forced to admit defeat. Granted, the likelihood of me ever admitting to being defeated is close to zero...

    Jenn - I don't mind helping friends move and I tend to believe the more friends you can have there helping out, the more fun the whole ordeal becomes. Sadly, the last time that I, myself moved, I was completely on my own. As it turns out it is indeed possible for me to pick up and carry a couch up a flight of stairs all by my lonesome.

    A marketable skill?

    A skill I am ever going to put on a resume?
    Hell no.

    Why not?
    Because then I will be asked to do so again as part of my job description.

    Fuck. That. Shit.

    @Tracy - More likely that woman would scare the hell out of everyone who knows me. I wouldn't be scared. I would be excited as hell. :p